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How to More Effectively Select Employees for Your I.T. Organization?

Information technology managers have traditionally recruited based on skill set. As information technology organizations have expanded from hiring only developers and DBA's to hiring individuals with softer skill sets -project management skills, business analysis skills, quality assurance skills, etc- this focus has become less and less sensible. Are you looking for the employee who already knows your programming languages and databases or the employee who delivers high quality software through teamwork and underlying ability? Teams must consist of some technical experts who have significant experience in the specific technical domain. However as technologies continue to change, organizations continue to transform their technical landscapes, and the costs of employee attrition continue to significantly impact the success of your projects; information technology managers must much more heavily take into account the type of person rather than the person's specific technical skills. Job applicants who demonstrate a commitment to professionalism, adaptability to change, accountability, responsibility, constant learning, and who fit with your organization's or team's culture will always be more successful in moving your organization towards its goals.

Once the right employee is found, a commitment to properly onboarding the employee, connecting the employee to relevant professional networks, training the employee, and clearly communicating when the employee exceeds or falls below performance expectations is absolutely essential to building successful teams and executing projects successfully.

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