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What Is the Purpose of Business Process Mapping Your I.T. Operations?

As you know, the purpose of business process mapping is to map business processes in order to eliminate inefficiencies, increase customer value in business processes, and improve the effectiveness of your business operations. I.T. Operations Process Mapping, which is simply business process mapping of your information technology operations, serves a similar purpose in your information technology department. Project Management Organizations, Project Management Offices and Project Support Offices all provide the defined processes for more effectively and efficiently managing projects. I.T. Operations Process Mapping takes this mature approach to structured project management, and suggests that mapping out the actual processes from initiating a project to closing a project improves the effectiveness and efficiency of project delivery. In addition, I.T. Operations Process Mapping goes beyond projects, and improves operational efficiencies throughout the information technology organization: technical support, infrastructure maintenance, application maintenance, and system deployment just to name a few. Admittedly, it is very difficult to allocate resources in resource strained information technology departments to I.T. Operations Process Mapping and I.T. Operations Improvement Initiatives. However, the payoff for investing in I.T. Operations Process Improvement is increased information technology delivery scaleability. Consequently, these initiatives position your information technology organization to more effectively manage the challenge of a limited supply of resources with increasing demand for services. Business Analysts, Business Process Managers and Project Managers can play a key role in the initiation and delivery of operational process improvements in your information technology operations.

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